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This course provides an introduction to the concept and content of Jewish Law.  The first section relates to the foundational philosophical underpinnings of Jewish Law. Should Jewish Law be situated in the wide array of global legal systems? Is it similar to a Western legal system? To the rituals and rules of other religions? What is the purpose of observing Jewish Law?  Why does Jewish Law seem to be so focused on action/ritual as opposed to spirituality and experiences?  Does Jewish Law assume that God controls every aspect of a person’s life?

The second section of the course covers the sources of Jewish Law. How much of Jewish Law is assumed to come directly from God and how much from the Rabbis? How much authority do Rabbis have in determining the law? Does Jewish Law develop over time?

The third section of the course focuses on the primary texts of Jewish Law: the Mishna and the Talmud. We will explore the nature of these books, their historical context and why they are so central to Jewish Law.

The final section of the course will discuss Jewish Law in the modern world. How does Jewish Law grapple with the new technologies and social issues? Is Jewish Law a relevant source of ethics and morality in contemporary Western society?

Course Info

  • Course will be on ZOOM
  • 1-hour and 30-minute classes on Tuesday evenings, beginning February 23,
    from 5:30 - 7:00 PM
  • SHORTER! Just 8 classes (Plus midterm and final)
  • 2 private college credits (through Yeshiva University and transferable to almost any school)
  • For grades 10-12
  • No homework
  • Everyone is eligible, even those that took the winter course.
  • Course cost is $999.

We are excited once again to have a supporter of Jewish teen education from our community offering scholarships to bring the price down this spring course to just $799 - 20% off. But act fast as this offer is only for the first 5 teens to register. To claim this offer, respond to this email and the Rabbi will send you a coupon code.

We want everyone to be able to join this regardless. If the price is an issue, please reach out so we can make it happen.

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