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At Chabad we see a Bar/Bat Mitzva as an opportunity for a child to explore and discover what being Jewish really means.

We believe that this milestone should be marked by more than just rote memorization and an anxiety-ridden recitation of the Torah.

Our goal is to foster an awareness that this is only the beginning of Jewish life; and we strive to provide a greater appreciation and understanding of a Jewish adult's responsibilities.

A Bar/Bat Mitzva experience can mold a child and leave an everlasting imprint on his or her life forever.

Rabbi Gluckowsky brings over 10 years of experience in youth education throughout Israel and America. He is an expert in reading Torah and teaching others to read properly, according to the correct tune and cantillation. He uses his teaching experience to help the Bar/Bat Mitzvah youth prepare a speech that will enlighten the crowd, with humor and deep Torah thoughts.